J. HARDYMENT is a jewelry line founded and created by Joanna Hardyment. Welding together artful influences, the brand takes inspiration from a span of periods in art history and product design. Combining minimalism with unconventional, thoughtful designs that strive to endure with a sense of timelessness. With an aesthetic rooted in the present, J. HARDYMENT jewelry mixes contemporary proportions and design traditions expressing the mindset of a modern woman.

Dedicated to consciously produce our jewelry, J. HARDYMENT uses almost all recycled metals and works to minimize any waste. All of our jewelry is handmade domestically, supporting small family run businesses here in Mainland China where we are based.



With an art history degree and a background in editorial and styling at Vogue Taiwan and projects in TV and movie costume, Joanna made a natural transition to design. Beginning her foundation in accessories with eyewear design and production, Joanna worked with brands like Georg Jensen and Baodao Group China, before launching J. HARDYMENT Accessories in 2016. Based in Shanghai, Joanna is able to work directly with experienced craftsman and workshops to produce exceptional quality pieces.

J. HARDYMENT is born out of Joanna's belief and passion that well-designed jewelry should remain relevant, make a statement,  and have the power to express one's style and individuality.



production process comic.jpg

"I would love to offer some insight into our processes as most of the time jewelry design and the materials used can feel mysterious and confusing. I believe that knowing the backstory and how your jewelry piece came to be is wonderful and I can only hope that it may bring it more meaning. 

No matter what, we start with the design always. I bring my ideas and sketches to the computer and we begin rendering it in 3D.  Being able to see a 3D CAD rendering is extremely helpful as we may perfect and fine-tune each design before beginning to sample. Once the rendering is confirmed, it's then sent off to be 3D printed in wax. The wax model is then used in the traditional lost wax casting technique (historical side note-- the first example of this technique discovered dates back to 3700 BC) where a mould is made of the model so that liquid silver can be poured in to take its shape. This sterling silver piece is then hand polished by extremely skilled silversmiths, which also means that each piece is actually quite unique. After very careful inspection of every surface, all our silver jewelry is then gold plated beyond the standard thickness in 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, or white rhodium. Once the plating process is complete, we take the jewelry again to be polished. I love a high shine, a smooth surface, and quality that's meant to endure alongside the design. 

I hope this unveils a bit of the mystery. We are proud of the materials and the people we work with, and love each step of the process!'

- Joanna